SparkleMasters creates high-end, handcrafted sparkle effects for some of the world's most special applications.

All of our clients have one thing in common: they're looking for something special. Not an ordinary printed graphic, or a mass-produced, machine-made display, but something unique and classy that will stand out in a crowded marketplace and have their customers saying “wow!”

That’s why the biggest names in retail, entertainment and technology, in over 20 countries, have chosen us to help bring their flagship marketing ideas to life and create unforgettable customer experiences.



Our unique 6” sequin panels are the basic building blocks of every SparkleMasters display. An extremely adaptable and versatile system, the panels tile together to form a mosaic of any size, are available in your choice of white or black, and can be custom-cut to virtually any shape. They come ready to install with mounting holes, for direct application to a wall or substrate of your choice.

We can also place sequins “freeform” to follow a curve, fill an irregular shape, or create seamless, intricate “gridless” effects.



SparkleMasters is truly the only choice for high-end sparkle — no one else even comes close. When you work with us, there’s:

No blurry, digitally-printed mylar — just real sequins (and tiny ones at that!) assembled by hand into spectacular, high-resolution mosaics with unparalleled sparkle.

No big, clunky, heat-pressed pinheads — just tiny steel ones that virtually disappear into the display.

No cheap transparent mounting grids — just solid, opaque backer panels for a clean, classy look.

No machine-made, off-the shelf product — just one-of-a-kind, handcrafted displays, made by California-based artists that work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to dazzling life.